Returning from work about a month ago, I quickly discovered an unexpected redecorating in my home.  Because we are new to Texas, I chose to rent a home until I understood the area that would best suit Caleb’s and my needs.  Decorating a rental was not high on my priority list, so it is sparse at best.  Redecorating was not on my grid at all.  Caleb; however made it his mission to take on a little project of his own while I was away.

Caleb loves to busy himself with arts and crafts.  On one trip to Walmart he talked me into sparkly heart stickers.  He wanted to use them to make cards for special people in his life.  He did make several lovely cards including the one for Mother’s Day that is still proudly displayed on the refrigerator.  Cards either lost their appeal, a larger canvas was desired, or who knows what prompted him, but I came home to glittery hearts stuck EVERYWHERE.  Yes, I mean EVERYWHERE.  I am still finding stickers much like hidden Easter eggs unaccounted for.  Hearts on my bed, my books, my dresser, my mirrors, a plaque, the door jams, my Bible, the closets, cupboards, the shower…you get the picture.  An array of silver, red, and pink sparkly hearts grace my humble abode.

I would like to say that initially I was thrilled with his creativity.  I was not.  Even though I thanked him for being thoughtful, I came up with a ridiculous excuse that he would need to remove them because our house was a rental and our landlord would not like it.  I did.  I said that.  Not one of my finer moments.  I won’t sugar coat it.   It was a lie, and I knew it.  Out of conviction, I left the stickers right where he carefully placed each one and told him our landlord would not care.

The next morning as I rose out of bed and did a little search around the house, it dawned on me that the hearts represented love and that love was in unique, typical, and obscure places.  It actually became a joyful experience seeking where I could find another representation.  I also remembered that God is love.  1 John 4:17 MSG says, “God is love.  When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in us.”  Caleb’s creativity was used by God to remind me that He is love and He is EVERYWHERE.  Jeremiah 23:23 GNT states, ” I am a God who is EVERYWHERE (emphasis mine) and not in one place only.”

I needed to hear that truth again, especially after coming up with the excuse I made about the landlord not wanting hearts as the new interior theme.  God loves me when I fail just as much as when I flourish.  When I truly grasp the depth, height, and breadth of His love and continual presence, I can rejoice that He is EVERYWHERE and I cannot be separated by His great love.  Glittery heart stickers say so.

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