Anticipating a much needed workout on Tuesday evening after dropping off Caleb at his Young Adults service at church, the elliptical was a welcome release. Gliding at a steady pace while listening to Tasha Cobbs, I see out of the corner of my eye a man holding a card and asking me across the room if I was Linda.  He had picked up my gym ID card presumably believing that “Linda” had left it behind.  I took off my earbuds and told him that not only was that my card, but the keys with it as well were mine.  I had placed them on top of the open cubbies not far from the machines.  Upon finishing my workout, something just did not feel right.  I went over to the area and located my card, but my keys were no where to found.

I scoured the area and mentioned my dilemma to the other members in the room, and they began looking for my keys as well.  I instinctively believed that the guy who picked up my card had scooped up my keys as well.  I could think of no other explanation as I notified the front desk of my situation.  Another gym member, who happens to work for the police department, was concerned as I told him that I now had no means of picking up Caleb from church, nor could I get into my house. He walked to my car and looked around the perimeter searching for any clues.   I began to assess my state of affairs from inconvenient to disturbing.  The front desk deduced the member who originally picked up my card and attempted to call him and his wife on their cell phones.  Neither answered.  I went back in the gym area retracing my steps to see if perhaps I had misplaced the keys myself.  Nothing.  I decided to call a good friend and ask her to give me a lift to church and home.

While waiting for my friend to show, the man returned to the gym after receiving the voicemail about my keys.  He reported that all he saw was a card and no keys.  I am clearly frustrated at this point. Realizing I had to figure out how I was going to get in my house, I remembered that Caleb’s caretaker had a house key.  I called her, and she graciously agreed to drive to the house and open the door for me.

Let me let you in on a little additional information.  I work out at a Senior Center.  Yes I do.  It is a beautiful facility for us fifty-plusers, and it is free.  I have always felt safe there and have met the most wonderful people.  I did not feel I was in danger, I simply believe my keys were mistakenly picked up.  The problem is, I could not prove it, and I was stuck.

When my good friend arrived, we went to the church and got Caleb.  On our journey home, my phone rang displaying a number with only four digits followed by the letters US.  I thought that was strange, so I Googled the number confirming it from Malawi.  Not being acquainted with anyone living in Malawi, Africa,  I blocked the call.  Five minutes later another call came in from a local number, so hoping that it was the Senior Center calling me with good news, I answered it.  Sure enough, they told me the guy who picked up my card looked in the bottom of his gym bag and discovered my missing keys and promptly brought them back to the gym.  Immediately we headed back to the gym.  The front desk girls explained they were trying to call me regarding the find, but each attempt routed them to my voicemail.  They described their number presents like an unconventional four digit number.  I told them I had checked on that number, and it definitely was not Texas, so I blocked it!  They also informed me that the man was profusely apologetic about what he did.  I told them to let him know I was not the least bit upset, only grateful to have the keys restored.  Caleb and I got into my car, said good-bye to my rescuing friend, and headed home as if it never happened.  All was well.

Keys have great importance.  Those who hold the keys have the authority to accomplish the purpose of what the keys are created for-whether opening or locking a door, starting a piece of machinery, or anything else of necessity.  God gives us His KEYS as well, and these KEYS are to be held with great respect and honor as they contain the authority He gives us by His Name.  Matthew 16:19 AMP says, “I will give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth will have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”  Grasp the enormity of this!  God gives us authority to bind such unlawful things as sickness, disease, and poverty and to loose lawful blessings, healing, freedom, and provision.  These are keys that far surpass starting a car or opening the door of a house.  Yet are we utilizing these keys?  Are we looking for them with concern as I looked for my physical keys?  Physical keys do possess a certain value as I learned at the gym.  Spiritual KEYS of the kingdom of heaven possess infinite value and carry the weight and authority to which we may minister to others.  These KEYS hold the the answers that the world needs.

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  1. This is powerful Linda. I especially liked when you said “those who hold the keys have the authority”. Good stuff!

    1. Thank you Kim! So sorry I didn’t respond to your comment. It was quite a powerful lesson for me.

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