Today I took Levi to the bank to deposit a check in his savings account.  Routine errand.  No big deal.  As we traveled in my car discussing the days events, not much thought went into the journey.  This was a trek we have made many times.  Until…..Levi yells, “Holy crap!”  Probably not the best choice of words; however it could have been worse.  We were near the entrance to the freeway in an intersection, and out of nowhere a large SUV comes barreling over the median headed straight for my door.  “Somehow” the truck veered to the left and crashed head on into a pole.  I was still driving, yet in shock of what had just happened as I entered the freeway.  My peripheral vision only caught a glimpse of the unfolding.  Cars that witnessed the accident slowed down and stopped to assist.

That “somehow” became clearly evident to me that I came within inches of losing my life, yet was divinely protected.  Levi said the truck was traveling around 50 MPH.  Had the pole not been the point of impact, it would have been my car T-Boned on the driver’s side.  The pole had much better odds than my Nissan sedan.  This physical display of protection directed my thoughts to wonder how many times in the spirit realm I have “somehow” come out unscathed. Countless I am sure.   It humbled me to reflect on God’s goodness even when I am unaware.  Guardian angels?  Yes.  They are at work all the time obedient to the Master’s call ready to do His bidding.  Psalm 91:11, 12 NIV 84 says, “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”  I read Psalm 91 every night before I go to sleep.  This passage has always comforted me.  Today I saw it in action and the truth of His Word gave me more than comfort.  It gave me life-physical life and the life that helps me realize He still has a plan and purpose for me.  So much so that He would command angels to divert a truck from destroying my car and quite possibly the ministry that has yet to be birthed.

If that does not give us hope that He IS in control and loves his children, I do not know what will.  Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus.  Last night I slept fitfully at best.  It was another tearful night then morning as I read the Word and prayed.  I wondered how much longer I could endure the various trials I am facing.  Typically one tackles a single major issue when in the wine press of life.  I counted mine.  Seven.  Seven major trials.  Pushing through could never be accomplished on my own.  This human gets weary and has limits.   Perhaps that is why I have seven.  I need reminding that God is in control and WHEN He works all things out for my good, He gets the glory, and I relinquish any claim to fame.  So GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.  He saved not only me today, but perhaps my son as well.  “Somehow”  He sees a value in us beyond comprehension.  I owe Him my all.  Thankful to be alive and well.  Thankful to get a wake up call to get up and get moving towards my calling. Thankful to get a surge of energy to get me across the finish line.  “Somehow” He who began the good work in me will complete it and until that day, I will praise Him for divine protection.  If you also need a reminder, peruse through Psalm 91 and see for yourself.  Make it a daily habit to pray this Scripture over yourself and your loved ones.  “Somehow” God will make it real for you too.

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  1. Your guardian angel was definitely with you today, and Levi’s was riding along too. I thank God for the safety of both of you and pray for the other driver.

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