In times of growth, change, and maturity, the enemy fights hard to stop, distract, discourage, and make us impotent.  He sees the threat of us awakening to the boundless power accessed by the Holy Spirit indwelling our hearts and minds.  This power inhabits us to forge ahead and conquer anything hindering the plans, purposes, and promises of God.  Satan works through people to accomplish his agenda, which is the antithesis of God’s agenda.  In Judges chapter one, we find the enemy using a minor king by the name of Adoni-Bezek which means “Lord of Lightning”.  A picture of how this was carried out is diaglogued in chapter one, verses one through seven.

During the continuing conquest of Canaan following Joshua’s death, the tribes of Simeon and Judah went to the city of Bezek and killed ten thousand men.  Verses six and seven read, “Then Adonai-Bezek fled, and they pursued him and cut off his THUMBS AND BIG TOES.  And Adonai-Bezek said, ‘Seventy kings with their THUMBS AND BIG TOES cut off used to gather scraps under my table; as I have done, so God has repaid me.’  Then they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died.”  There are reasons behind this seemingly sadistic practice of body mutilation.  To cut off a man’s THUMBS AND BIG TOES ensured the inability to ever fight again.  A THUMB was needed to hold a sword and wield it, and BIG TOES were essential for running.

Very few of us know actual fighting in a physical war, but all believers in Christ Jesus are engaged in a daily spiritual war against rulers of the darkness of this world, powers, and principalities.  Our spiritual armor is of utmost importance to clothe ourselves in on a daily basis.  When equipped, no weapon forged against us will prosper.  Satan looks for any and every opportunity to propel his fiery darts at us.  What is the sword the LORD has given us?  His Divine and Holy Word.  We must not casually use that Word or disregard it.  If we lay down the Word of God of our own accord and do not use it as a designated spiritual weapon, we are vulnerable to having our THUMBS cut off, making us ineffective and not battle ready.  Spiritually equipped warriors are put on the  offensive, like the tribes of Simeon and Judah, pursuing the enemy, coming from a position of victory from the cross.  This is in contrast to running away.  Should we not utilize the authority given to us in Jesus’ Name, we too will be pursued, in danger of having our BIG TOES cut off.  If that should occur, we cease to run with endurance the race set before us spoken in Hebrews chapter one by the apostle Paul.  We quit and spiritually die just as Adonai-Bezek physically died from his wounds.

Of all of the parts of the body, who would have thought that THUMBS AND BIG TOES were so imperative to our survival?!!!  Rest assured, the enemy of our souls knows it.  Do not ever allow Satan access to your THUMBS AND BIG TOES, by giving him permission through apathy and unpreparedness.  Armor up and run the race calling you heavenward in Christ Jesus.

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  1. Great reminder Linda!
    We surely need to be armored at all times as children of God, as we’re on the battle field raging war against the powers N principalities of the world on a daily basis.

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